zoo lights safety

While you and your family can experience the zoo during the day, Zoo Lights gives you the opportunity to experience a magical moment when it is dark out. There is something about seeing burst of colored of lights creating scenes of surprise! As we are wrapping lights now, one day a week we are here in the evening and when we are done we plug a section in and it’s spectacular! It’s so exciting and all the effort to get those lights on a building roof, around a tree full of leaves is worth it!


The Zoo being an open air park provides families the space to spread out and social distance well. With masks being in fashion right now, it acts as scarf or winter covering keeping you warm. The route of Zoo Lights flows in a circle. As you leave the front entry of our very own Topeka Zoo colors you head toward candy cane lane passing illuminated animals until you are memorized by oversized candy! Sweets & Treats is definitely a SWEET surprise!  After you soak up those delights swim on over for a sea of color spilling out on the end of the zoo in our very own polarized arctic zone. As you slide down into our very own Holiday Village the festive shops may take a little longer to enjoy but each are along its own path and spread out. There will be plenty of lights to enjoy through the north loop of the zoo with plenty of time to soak in the magic!


Most of the animals will be tucked in their beds with the Kansas winter weather. It’s their quiet time where the animals rest in the comfort of their heated bedrooms. You may catch the otters sleeping or taking a dip in their pool, owls moving about and saying hello or the cougars spying on you as you wander through the Zoo. We begin our Zoo Lights evening at the time of day when many of the animals are building nests or beds out of hay, finding a branch to roost in to sleep for the night, or getting comfortable in their indoor spaces. Some may just be finishing eating their dinners they received at the end of the day by the Zoo keepers.


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