Education Programs

The Topeka Zoo offered a variety of educational programs both virtually and in-person. Bring the excitement of the Zoo into your class, with so many hands on activities and animal guests there is always something new and engaging to learn during our classes.

Scroll through the variety of programs offered to see what best fits you and your class and students.

Available programs

1 Hour

2 Hour

Don't see what you are looking for? No problem! Our Education Department can adapt your desired curriculum into a program.

Children Tagging Monarch BUtterfly

Monarch Butterfly Education & Tagging Class

Monarch butterfly populations have declined by close to 90% in the last few decades. These beautiful insects migrate through Kansas during the last two weeks of September and we are waiting for them! Join to Topeka Zoo as we offer in-person education classes on the monarchs.

Scout Workshops

Earn a badge at the Topeka Zoo! Join in one of our workshops to receive your scout badge, available for both girl and boy scouts, you can learn a variety of skills while having fun at the Zoo!

Scout Badges