Monarch butterfly populations have declined by close to 90% in the last few decades. These beautiful insects migrate through Kansas during the last two weeks of September and we are waiting for them! Join to Topeka Zoo as we offer virtual education classes on the monarchs, as well as free, public tagging opportunities.

How does it work? If interested, you’re welcome to book a 30-minute live virtual education class on monarch butterflies. This interactive program teaches students about monarch butterflies, their ecology, migration, importance, and conservation status. This class can be modified for K-12 classrooms, as well as scout groups or any other interested parties.

When: Any Monday-Friday from September 14th-30, 2020. Choose any time between 8:00-4:00 daily, as we are flexible to your schedule!

Cost: The virtual class cost is $70 and the capacity is one entire grade level per school. (Example: all third grade classrooms from one school can join the class for $70; however, if another grade level is interested then they would book a separate session with a separate fee). Please email me back here or call 785-368-9137 to set up a virtual class.

While this virtual class does not include tagging, please see the section below on free, public classes that the zoo is providing. Students, teaching staff, and families are invited to join one of these opportunities! Additionally, if your organization is interested in booking a private tagging opportunity for a small fee, please contact me directly. Please note, you do NOT have to book a virtual class to attend the free tagging events. They complement each other; however, you’re welcome to just attend the tagging if you’d like.

In-Field Monarch Butterfly Tagging Opportunities: For the sixth year in a row, the Kansas Museum of History and Topeka Zoo have teamed up for the monarch butterfly migration! We want you to join us for FREE monarch tagging classes that are open to the public.

These classes are held at the Kansas Museum of History and are fun for the whole family! Each class will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm. The first portion of the class is a quick 10-15 minute presentation/demonstration on monarch butterfly migration, conservation, and how to catch them. Then, guests are invited to help us catch, tag, and release as many monarchs as we can! The zoo will provide supplies for all participants, although you’re welcome to bring a net too if you have one. Please meet at the Kansas Museum of History main parking lot. Each class has a maximum capacity of 45 participants.


The dates are below:

Saturday, September 19th

Tuesday, September 22nd

Thursday, September 24th

Monday, September 28th

Wednesday, September 30th


Pre-registration is required for every individual (adults and children alike) attending the event. To pre-register, please visit:


The entire class will be held outdoors, so please dress accordingly. Closed-toed shoes and long pants are recommended for this event.