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Val Watch
Black Bear Emergence Contest

The Topeka Zoo will be holding a competition for all Shawnee County School Districts! Every year Val digs her den within her enclosure and remains in torpor until early spring, this year we will be holding a contest to see who can guess when she will emerge for the year. Each student can submit their guess of what day and hour they believe she will be coming out and the one closest to when she does wins! Click the link to learn more about Black bears, torpor, and how you can help conserve their environment. Learn More!

Giraffe and Friends Capital Campaign Donation Slide

Giraffe and Friends Capital Campaign

Giraffe and Friends stretches from the Kay McFarland Japanese Garden all the way around Camp Cowabunga, completing the safari experience. Construction is planned to break ground in the Spring of 2021 with an anticipated opening by early summer of 2022. Be part of the Giraffe & Friends Campaign by donating today or purchase a personalized brick that will be featured on the giraffe pathway leading into the new facility.  Donate Today!



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8 hours ago

Throwback Thursday to 2013 when Bumi was born! Today he turns 8 years old and we are celebrating at 10:00am. Our Keepers have been busy party planning and have a fun Orangutan party ready to go.🥳 ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Topeka Zoo's post

Calling all authors! Are you someone who loves animals and wants to help protect them? If so, then you should participate in the zoo's annual writing contest! Write a fictional story about a ... See more

3 days ago

When you wake up and remember it’s Monday....
#mondaymood #manicmonday

📷: Kim Busey

5 days ago

It’s going to be a warm 41 degree today!🥳😎 Who’s coming to the Zoo? We are looking at YOU!! 👁

6 days ago

Val the black bear was spotted wiggling back into her den after peeking out earlier this year! After deciding it was not time to come out of torpor, she made her way back inside to stay warm and ... See more

1 week ago

Interested in being part of the Topeka Zoo team?

We are looking for qualified people to help continue our mission of preservation and conservation, all while providing a place for our community to ... See more

1 week ago
Photos from Topeka Zoo's post

Our cats got a special treat this Valentine’s Day! They both got to enjoy some fun enrichment and loved every bit of it. We sure are wild about them!

Which Topeka Zoo animal has stolen your heart?

1 week ago

Valentine's Day is extra special here at the zoo because it's this guy's birthday! Happy 18th Birthday, Spike! We're stuck on you!

1 week ago

On a cold day, a warm bath is the best!🤩🦛 #bathtime

1 week ago

This year we are hold our very first Val Watch competition! If you haven't submitted your guess be sure to go to our website and put it in for a chance to win your class an opportunity to meet Val ... See more

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