Steins and Vines 

Pop that cap, fill that glass, and experience the wild flavors of the Topeka Zoo!

Learn more about the beer and wine walk here!



Monarch Tagging Classes

Help the Topeka Zoo evaluate the monarch butterflies in our area! Learn about monarch butterfly ecology, migration, conservation, and how to catch them. Then help us catch, tag, and release as many monarchs as we can! 

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Yoga in the Garden

Reach a state of zen in the Kay McFarland Japanese Garden with Yoga in the Garden with instructor Kathy Damron. Every Tuesday, June 15th - August 24th and September 14th - October 26th at 6:30-7:30pm.  

Kay McFarland Japanese Garden App

Explore the beauty of the garden like never before in your own private tour!


Education Scholarship Fund

Join the Topeka Zoo in their mission to provide equitable access to zoo programming by sponsoring registration for youth in our community! 

Learn more about the fund!

Topeka Zoo

1 day 10 hours ago

TODAY IS THE DAY! 🥳 Steins and Vines is TONIGHT from 6-9pm and you still have time to get tickets online AND at the door!

Topeka Zoo

2 days 6 hours ago

Steins and Vines is TOMORROW, here's what you can expect from the night: Entertainment - Time Express & Top City Comedy🎶 Highlight Craft Brewery -

Topeka Zoo

2 days 9 hours ago

Have you checked out the Monarch Tagging Classes yet? 🦋 Check out Rachael, Education Program Manager, as she gives a demonstration of what you can

Topeka Zoo

3 days 13 hours ago

Happy FURsday from the Topeka Zoo! Caption this photo with what Val is thinking: 🐻 #BlackBear #topekazoo #zoo #tozo #topekaks #bear #fursday #thursdayfeeling #thursday #sleepy

Topeka Zoo

4 days 10 hours ago

The black-footed ferret named Yikes, the master of hide and seek makes an appearance! Black-footed ferrets were once thought to be extinct but with conservation

Topeka Zoo

4 days 12 hours ago

Tune into our Facebook live at NOON to talk Steins and Vines and our Animal Ambassadors, GIRAFFES! #FacebookLive #topekazoo #giraffes #tozo #live #steinsandvines #beerandwinewalk

Topeka Zoo

5 days 9 hours ago

TOMORROW is the first night of our Monarch Butterfly Tagging Class! These classes are held at the Kansas Museum of History and are fun for

Topeka Zoo

5 days 14 hours ago

When you're a little different but you're still best friends 🤗 Just as all organisms live in communities made up of different plants and animals,

Topeka Zoo

6 days 14 hours ago

Last week, our Asian Forest Scorpion had babies! All of those little white things on her back are her babies! Baby scorpions are called "scorplings,"

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