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Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo19 hours ago
“I wish I could just take them home!”- a quote we hear on the daily, and have to respond with “No, you really don’t.”

We are happy to share with you an Otter, Giraffe, Cape Porcupine and Patas Monkey that you CAN give a great family to if you stop by Helping Hands Humane Society!

(P.S we think Dolphins and the GLT are shouting about the great adoption specials HHHS has going on).
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo22 hours ago
The Topeka Zoo is ecstatic to declare we are officially a certified Sensory Inclusive Venue through KultureCity! We now offer Sensory Inclusive Bags that guests may check out for free during their visit.

What does it mean to be Kulture City certified? Our staff completed training on vocabulary and ways to best assist those with special sensory requirements or neurodiversity. Signage has been installed around the Zoo to alert guests to noisy areas where headphones may be suggested, quiet zones where they can rest peacefully, and locations where staff are happy to offer assistance. The Sensory Inclusive Bags enhance the Zoo experience by including silencing headphones, sensory toys, and communication assistance cards.

The bags may be checked out from both our admissions booths and gift shop free of charge.

For more information on KultureCity and our certification, visit the following:

#kulturecity #sensoryinclusive #DEAI #equity #accessibility #inclusion #sensorybags #sensitivityawareness #topekazoo
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo2 days ago
Weight a minute- it's Nugget's 1st hatchday! 🎉

Nugget was hatched here at the Topeka Zoo as a recommendation from the Bali Myna SSP.

While perching on the scale may not seem like a celebration, it's quite an accomplishment for this little bird! Monitoring an animal's weight is essential in getting an insight into the animal's health. However, that means the animal must learn to step on something they may consider strange or unusual.

"I started by station-training him to perch where I ask, rewarding him with crickets (his favorite snack)." Keeper Caroline explained. "I then moved on to desensitizing him to the perch, which he was afraid of at the start. This week, I added the scale. It took him a few sessions, but he caught on very quickly! He loves training sessions and any keeper interaction."

Nugget is still practicing getting an accurate weight, but it is believed he scaled in at 97g, which is within the average range for an adult. Weigh to go, Nugget and Keeper Caroline! 🎉

📸: Keeper Caroline

#balimyna #balistarling #conservation #topekazoo #bird #endangeredspecies
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo3 days ago
We really just can’t get enough of Thomas enjoying his tub. 🐯🛁

Scroll through our profile for more pictures of him (and Nisha!) enjoying their yards and outdoor pools! 🏊🐯

📸: Animal Curator Shanna

#sumatrantiger #tigerthursday #tigertubtime #tigerlove #topekazoo
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo4 days ago
Judging by our social media timelines, we have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of little Chiefs players at Boo at the Zoo next month!

Grab your teammates (or Swifties!) and come to Boo at the Zoo on October 21 and 28 to collect treats from vendors around the Zoo. Festivities take place from 9 am to 3 pm and are included with the Zoo's general admission. Guests, staff, and vendors are all encouraged to wear their family- appropriate costumes to add to the fun!

Due to the popularity of the event, we suggest purchasing tickets online ahead of time to help reduce your wait at admissions. Purchase tickets by following the link here:

We hope to see you for a spooky good time! 🎃
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo5 days ago
The Topeka Zoo is saddened to announce the passing of the Virginia opossum, Olivia.

Olivia arrived at the Zoo in March of 2021 from a local wildlife rescue, her age unknown. Opossums have a relatively short lifespan for an animal of their size, typically only living 2-3 years in the wild and have a median life expectancy of 4 years in human care. Due to age-related medical issues, the humane decision was made yesterday to euthanize Olivia as her mobility and capability of breathing was becoming limited.

Olivia loved spending time in her den, eating grapes, and would allow her keepers to brush her for grooming. In the wild, an opossum grooming themself is actually helpful for the ecosystem- they collect several ticks in their fur while walking around tall grasses, then consume the ticks while grooming. Because opossums carry special antibodies that fight tick-borne illnesses, they help fight the spread of disease by consuming ticks that would otherwise infect other organisms.
They also carry a special anti-body that helps them survive snakebites, which has been used in research to provide snakebite treatment for humans.

Olivia was an amazing ambassador for her species, showing guests the reasons opossums are needed. She taught several to stop for wildlife crossing the road, watch for opossums in your yard before letting out pets/children, and to just allow opossums to exist.

Rest well, Olivia. ❤️

#opossum #opossumlove #topekazoo
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