Zoo Guidelines

Zoo Guidelines


We strive to maintain a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment where visitors of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy the benefits of Topeka Zoo.

For the safety of the animals and the enjoyment of all visitors, we ask that visitors adhere to the following guidelines when visiting Topeka Zoo:

    • All of the animals at Topeka Zoo are on special diets to keep them healthy. Please do not provide any food to the animals except for the food specifically made available for the waterbirds and Children’s Zoo animals in the feed dispensers.
    • Visitors should not attempt to touch or pet any animals except in the contact area of the Children’s Zoo.
    • Fences and other barriers located throughout the zoo are for the safety of visitors and should never be crossed.
    • Foreign objects should never be given or thrown to the animals. Foreign objects put the animals at risk and can cause medical problems.
    • No outside animals will be allowed into the zoo except for service animals. Visitors with these animals should let the attendant at the front gate know upon arrival so we may be aware of their presence.
    • Rollerblades, skateboards, and bikes are not allowed in the zoo.
    • Children under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • No outside food or drink may be brought into the zoo.
    • The zoo is smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.


These guidelines address many issues about accessibility. However, if you have other needs or questions, please contact us at (785) 368-9180 and request to speak to the guest service manager. We encourage you to call at least one week before your trip for the best possible assistance.

Once on grounds, please feel free to discuss any special needs you have with zoo employees.

In light of the changing needs of our guests and other developments, we reserve the right to modify this guide and our accessibility policies as appropriate.