Join the Topeka Zoo in our mission to provide equitable access to zoo programming
by sponsoring registration for youth in our community!

Eco Club and Camp

The Topeka Zoo offers a variety of educational programs both virtually and in person. With so many hands-on activities and animal guests, there is always something new and engaging to learn during our programs.

  • Eco Club provides an opportunity for middle school and high school students who are interested in the environment to meet live animals and develop projects on how they can positively impact the planet.
  • Camps allow students a chance to explore the animal kingdom through animal interactions, behind-the-scenes tours, games, crafts, and more!

Are you interested in becoming part of Eco Club? Click below to fill out the Eco Club Scholarship Application to become the recipient of the Education Scholarship Fund.

Important Dates:

Spring Camp Scholarship Deadline:


Summer Camp Scholarship Deadline:


Contribute to the fund!

It is important to establish a student's mindset to think about helping others as well as the world around them. By donating to this scholarship fund, you are helping to provide zoo access to teens and pre-teens in Topeka! 

The Hall Family

Since they were young, my children, Jason and KayLynn have benefitted from the programs provided by the Topeka Zoo. They have both learned a great deal about conservation, animals, the world around us, and about themselves.

Recently, my children lost their mother. Upon reflecting with both on them, we were struck by how important the Topeka Zoo was to us as a family. While going through old photos, we noticed just how many featured them at all ages. My children and I still regularly use our Topeka Zoo Membership. Even as they grow and the world around them changes, the zoo provides us with a comforting, familiar place to visit.

Once we realized the impact the zoo has had on us, we discussed how we can impact others who may not have been able to enjoy the zoo as we have. When I learned the Topeka Zoo did not already have a current program to provide scholarships to these families and children, my daughter immediately asked, “Could we start one?”

As a parent, this was one of my proudest moments, knowing our lessons about making an impact and giving back to the community had really sunk in.

We’ve decided to make our own pledge to the scholarship fund as well as match donations from others. With our gift we want to provide scholarships to provide children access to educational programs The Topeka Zoo offers.

We are excited to launch this fund and hope that you will be a part of it.

Jeremy, Jason, and KayLynn Hall

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