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Early bird gets the.... wine? 🍷
Get ready to sip, savor, and support! 🍷🐾 The Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center is thrilled to announce the return of the Roar & Pour Wine Fest presented by Kaw Valley Bank and Kendall Construction on April 27th. 🎉 Don't miss out on the early bird ticket discount going on NOW and get $5 off your tickets!



COMING SOON: Sean Kenney's Animal Super Powers® made with LEGO® bricks

From echolocation to regenerating limbs—the animal kingdom is teeming with super powers! Join us on April 20th for Sean Kenney's Animal Super Powers® made with LEGO® bricks presented by Giant Communications!




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Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo4 hours ago
Reminder! **On April 20th only from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm**, the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center is trying to collect 8,500 pounds of gently used clothing and shoes which is equal to the weight of Tembo, the zoo’s African elephant!

**On April 20th only**, the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center is excited to challenge the community to help collect gently used articles of clothing and shoes during their Earth Day celebration. This clothing drive is trying to collect 8,500 pounds of gently used clothing and shoes which is equal to the weight of Tembo, the zoo’s African elephant!

Community members can drop items off at the south entry gate to the zoo, just south of Helen Hocker Theater, in the zoo’s new overflow parking lot.

How does this donation challenge add value to Zoo Conservation goals? Re-purposing or reusing clothing material reduces the resources used to create new clothing!
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo6 hours ago
Don't mind us, just stacking some fun for the summer! 🧱

Curious about what we're building up? Visit the link here: https://topekazoo.org/sean-kenneys-animal-super-powers/

In the meantime, please excuse our progress- especially near our Virginia opossum unit inside Animals & Man!
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo1 day ago
🦛💋 Introducing "Hippo Kisses" and “Butterfly Kisses!” 🦋💋
Get ready to fall in love with these extraordinary masterpieces, born from a delightful collaboration between our charming resident zoo celebrity, Vision "Tank" the hippo, and the incredibly talented Becky Drager!

Becky began “Hippo Kisses” with a vibrant portrait capturing Vision's playful spirit and endearing personality. Then, with a smooch from Vision himself, the canvas was graced with his adorable kiss, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the already stunning artwork! 💖🎨

“Butterfly Kisses” Vision playfully planted his signature smooch on the canvas, Becky worked her magic, painting a breathtaking butterfly around his kiss. The result? A whimsical fusion of nature's charm and artistic creativity! 🦛🎨

Roar & Pour Wine Fest Presented by Kaw Valley Bank and Kendall Construction occurs on April 27th and features wines from around the world, food samplings, and live music. The focal point of this fundraiser is the animal art collaboration, which will be available via silent auction starting April 19. You do not need to be at the event to bid on auction items.

Visit https://store.topekazoo.org/#/SpecialEvents/RoarAndPour to purchase your tickets today!

Artist Statement:
I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the 2024 Roar and Pour event at the Topeka Zoo. I was even more delighted to be assigned Tank, the hippo, as my painting partner. We have a history, so I felt it was destiny to paint with him. Thirteen years ago, Tank was born at the Topeka Zoo. Kirk and I went to an evening zoo tour. As we walked our tour route exciting news came over the radio, the Mama Hippo was about to give birth. We were told if we stayed very quiet, we could watch the birth. We were led over to the outside enclosure to watch this amazing moment of Tank entering the world. Now years later, we are together again. Tank is a much bigger boy now, but so cute and so talented. In January 2024, I had the privilege of meeting Tank again. He was a very willing participant. After a bite of food, the zookeeper rubbed red paint on his nose and mouth. I pressed the canvas on Tank’s snout and Tank kissed the canvas with red kisses. I enjoyed using these canvases to come up with two paintings for the auction. It was a fabulous experience and one I will never forget.
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo2 days ago
We 💚 seeing future generations learning to care!

Yesterday, Kindergarten students from Topeka Collegiate were gracious enough to bring donations as a form of 'thanks' during their annual field trip. Animal Curator Shanna was excited to accept their donations and talk about which animals would benefit from items the students brought (there's something for probably everyone)!

One example- elephants Cora & Tembo will likely be enjoying some peppermints in the near future! 🐘

Thank YOU to the guardians, staff, and students for the donation & the respect for our animals' home during your visit!
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo2 days ago
We can’t wait to see you for this amazing performance tomorrow!
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo2 days ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.

See news on our facebook page here.

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