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Be a part of increasing pollinator habitats by exploring the variety of native plants available for purchase at the Native Plant Sale!

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Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo3 hours ago
Happy World Otter Day! 🦦

To celebrate, we wanted to share why otters like Albert our North American River Otter are WANTED in nature. Otters have particular adaptations that help them survive both in and out of water- sleek fur coats, webbed feet, and a third eyelid that aids them in seeing underwater.

However, these adaptations do not help them fight pollution. Otters cannot thrive in heavily polluted waters due to how it affects their sources of food and shelter- therefore, when we see them in an ecosystem, we can conclude that the ecosystem is healthy and flourishing.
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo12 hours ago
🎶 I always feel like somebody’s watching me… and I have no privacy. 🎵

As an update/edit-to-add to our post yesterday, Liz and Hope had a very busy day being 👀 observant 👀 of Karen. We can’t blame them- it’s their first time ever being in a yard with an Ostrich!

📸: Wrylie G.
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo1 day ago
🎶 I always feel like somebody’s watching me… 🎵

📸: Keeper Adrienne
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo4 days ago
"Happy World Bee Day, everyone! Let's give a buzz of appreciation to our little pollinators who work so hard to keep our gardens blooming. Don't forget to beelieve in the power of these honey-makers, and remember to bee-kind to them. Let's make sure we're doing our part to help them thrive beecause without them, our world would be pretty un-bee-lievable!" 🐝🌺🍯

#worldbeeday #buzzbuzz #honeybee #pollinators #flowers
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo4 days ago
A 5-Step Process of how we trim/grind down Spike the African Crested Porcupine’s nails, proudly demonstrated by Keeper Chelsea and Vet Tech Rachel.

This demonstration was performed in Spike’s old habitat that was inside the Animals and Man building. Come welcome him to his new and improved home in our Camp Cowabunga area! 🧡
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo
Topeka Zoo5 days ago
Thank you American Heart Association - Kansas for choosing our venue to host this year’s Go Red for Women! Your cause is quite literally near and dear to our hearts. ❤️

See news on our facebook page here.

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