KAY McFarland Japanese GARDEN

Vision: Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland’s dream was to leave a legacy gift of a world class Japanese garden in the capitol city of the state she served.  Kay’s garden will be a destination filled with serenity and breath-taking views.  It will offer inspiration, accommodate contemplation and serve as a venue for life changing experiences.

Legacy: Chief Justice McFarland established a living trust to help fund her dream of a world class Japanese garden.  Kay’s Garden will cost $6,640,000.  The Kay E. McFarland Living Trust established funds that will pay for more than 62% of the project costs and established a permanent endowment fund of to maintain the garden into perpetuity. In addition to Kay’s generous bequest, Friends of Topeka Zoo is committed to raising $2.25 million in funding to cover the remaining expenses. Total projected cost = $6.6 million. We need your help to make this project a reality.

Kay's life and accomplishments created a legacy.  Her story will be told at Kay’s Garden to inspire future generations of women to aspire the same way she did.

check out construction progress photos from june 2020. click a photo to enlarge and scroll through!

For information on how to support Kay’s Garden, contact Zoo Director Brendan Wiley: (785)506-3797.