Celebrating the Chief Justice's accomplishments and empowering women to achieve their ambitions.

Vision: Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland’s dream was to leave a legacy gift of a world class Japanese garden in the capitol city of the state she served.  Kay’s garden will be a destination filled with serenity and breath-taking views.  It will offer inspiration, accommodate contemplation and serve as a venue for life changing experiences.

Legacy: Chief Justice McFarland established a living trust to help fund her dream of a world class Japanese garden.  Kay’s Garden will cost $6,640,000.  The Kay E. McFarland Living Trust established funds that will pay for more than 62% of the project costs and established a permanent endowment fund of to maintain the garden into perpetuity.  Currently, there is a private fundraising campaign committed to raising the remaining $1,250,000.  We need your help to make this project a reality.

Kay's life and accomplishments created a legacy.  Her story will be told at Kay’s Garden to inspire future generations of women to aspire the same way she did.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations that are completing the dream:

Hinoki  会   (Cypress Group )


Tony and Jana Barry

Bettis Family

The Honorable Brandon and Judge Lori Bichsel

Norma, Brad, Jeanette Broome

Chastain and Wiley Family

Jim Concannon and Melissa Masoner

Hurst Coffman-SAKE member

Diane Elliot

Linda "Cricket" Elrod

Dan and Monica Foltz

For Ainsley McElroy Granddaughter of John E. McElroy and Martha Hodgesmith

Shelli Crow Johnson and Lyndon Johnson

Tyler Johnson and Michelle Butler

Margaret and Tighe LaRue

Larry and Ann Mah

Stan Martindell

John and Shelia McGivern

Steven Morse

Fawn Moser

Chris and Lynette Palmer

David Parker

Song-Ping & Li-Ying Lee

Kay Reece

Ford and Catherine Ross

Jeanie Schuler

Michele and Bret Falley

Marlene Showwalter

The Honorable Fred Six

Gearld A. Stoltenberg

Brent and Kelly Trout

Marydorsey Wanless

Robert Wheeler

Ron and Alice Wurtz

Mark and Terry Young

Angel and Larry Zimmerman

Kasuga 会 (Lantern Group)

Bartlett and West

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A.

Hollins 29th Street Property L.C.

Patton Law Office, LLC

Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.

= KAI, meaning "Group or Party"

For information on how to support Kay’s Garden, contact Zoo Director Brendan Wiley: (785)506-3797.