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Are you a kid who is wild about animals? Do you have a passion to explore the outdoors? Sign up for the Topeka Zoo summer camp! Each of the 9 weeks of summer camp focuses on a different theme for children ages 6-12. During these all day (9am-3pm) camps, your child will be busy exploring the animal kingdom through stories, games, interactive play and lots of live animal encounters. Scroll down to read about each camp and to sign up your camper today!

Dates, themes, and descriptions for our summer camps are as follows:

Week 1, June 2-6, Theme: Mythbusters – CLOSED

Description: Are bats blind?  Can porcupines shoot their quills at you?  Are owls wise?  Find out as we debunk animal myths while diving into science and meeting some of the world’s most interesting animals. This week is guaranteed to amaze you!

Week 2, June 9-13, Theme: Dermal Diversity – CLOSED

Description: Are snakes really slimy? Are all feathers used for flying? Do bugs have bones? Join us as we investigate camouflage and body coverings of various live animals—from fur and feathers to scales and spikes. Do not miss out, as this camp is sure to get under your skin!

Week 3, June 16-20, Theme: Untouchables – CLOSED

Description: Tarantulas, snakes, and vultures, oh my! Let us try to change your mind on some of our most misunderstood animal friends. Whether you think they’re creepy, slimy, dirty, or dangerous, we’ll let you get up close and personal with these animals and show you why they don’t always live up to their bad reputations.

Week 4, June 23-27, Theme: In and Out – Full: Registration CLOSED

Description: We’ve always been taught what goes in, must come out. This week of camp is focused on just that! We will spend the first part of the week meeting live animals and learning about the food chain before shifting gears and venturing into the world of scatology!  Don’t worry though, this camp will be easy to digest!

Week 5, July 7-11, Theme: Zoo Detectives – Full: Registration Closed

Description: Whether you prefer Sherlock Holmes or Scooby Doo and the gang, we all have our favorite detectives. For this week of camp, grab your tool kit and keep your eyes peeled, as campers will inspect the zoo and its animals while solving a mystery each day!

Week 6, July 14-18, Theme: Survivor Adventure – Full: Registration Closed

Description: If you got dropped into the middle of the wilderness, could you survive?  During this week, campers will learn basic survival skills in a fun and exciting hands-on way. Not only will we be meeting and studying various animals one might encounter in the wild, but we will also learn about the first Americans of this area and explore their amazing survival expertise.

Week 7, July 21-25, Theme: Journey to the Jungle – Full: Registration Closed

Description: Grab a vine and swing around the world in search of rainforests during our journey to the jungle.  We will learn about the plants and animals that call this lush forest home and why it is the most diverse eco-system on the planet.

Week 8, July 28-August 1, Theme: Earth, Wind, Water – Closed

Description: As far as we know, the Earth is the only place in the universe that can sustain life as we know it—and our diversity of life is truly incredible.  For this week, campers will explore the ingredients that make life possible while discovering the many types of animals and ecosystems supported by those ingredients. Get ready to get dirty, windblown, and even a little wet!

Week 9, August 4-8, Theme: Aventuras de habitat (Habitat Adventures) Registration now OPEN!

Description:  In just one week, we will travel around the world and visit many different places animals call home. From an African bush camp to the sands of the desert, we will meet live animals and investigate how they survive in their respective habitat! This camp is designed specifically for English Language Learners and priority is given to Spanish-speaking children first. (Description in Spanish is coming soon.) Viaja por el mundo con nosotros y explora los lugares que los animales llaman su casa. Desde la sabana Africana, a la selva tropical de América del Sur, al desierto Australiano, exploraremos los hábitats del mundo y cómo los animales sobreviven en ellos. Este campamento está diseñado para estudiantes de Inglés y se dará prioridad a los niños que hablan Español. *Priority will be given to Spanish speaking students and Registration for all other students will open on June 30th

Campers are to bring their own lunch; occasional themed snacks may be provided, but will not be offered every day. The cost is $125 per child per week for FOTZ members and $150 per child per week for non-members. Registration for summer camp opens Monday, March 24th. Click here for pre-registration form

Cancellations:  If you cancel your camp registration 8 or more days before the start date, the Zoo will refund the registration fee, except for $20.  The Zoo will not refund any registration fees if cancellation occurs within 7 days of the start date.

To contact the education department with questions please call 368-9137, or e-mail  Please fill out this form before calling to make a payment: Pre-registration form here.

Checks can be made out to “Topeka Zoo” and sent to:

Topeka Zoo Education
Attn: Rachael Rost
635 SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS 66606

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