DREAM NIGHT at the Zoo

Want to take part?

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Date: November 20, 2023

Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Things to know:

  • Wheelchairs are limited and are available to be rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Quiet Zone is located in the Gary K. Clarke Education Center.
  • First Aid tent is located at the front of the zoo in the gift shop.
  • Flashing lights are indicated on the map and on signs before tunnels.
  • Safety Stickers will be offered once inside the zoo.

Safety Stickers!

Please plan to stop at the registration station to receive safety stickers. Stickers will consist of the names of both the individual and guardian's contact information to be used in case of emergency. Help us ensure the safety of guests by filling out the sticker and placing it on the back of the individual. This information will be used to contact guardians in the case of separation or emergency.

Safety Sticker Image

 A Magical Night for All to Enjoy

The Topeka Zoo is proud to bring back "Dreamnight" this year on November 20. Dream Night allows individuals with special health needs the opportunity to visit the zoo with their families and provides an environment where they can feel more comfortable to enjoy the lights and other special activities at their own pace in a safe, yet fun setting.

The tradition was started in 1996 at the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands by animal keeper, Peter van der Wulp when he noticed families of children diagnosed with cancer often had other expenses to meet and were unable to find free time to visit and feared the stigma that surrounded their condition. The Rotterdam zoo created an event where these children and their families were able to visit the zoo and have a fun, relaxing evening. The event has spread around the world since then and has quickly become an incredibly meaningful tradition at the Topeka Zoo!

This event is free and by invitation only. Check back later for more information about how you can be invited.

Zoo lights map

Check out this year's Zoo Lights Map to see where our colorful displays will be! If you or anyone attending with you has a sensory issue with moving lights and/or sound, we would like to draw your attention to the lime green triangles with an exclamation point in them. Those triangles indicate that moving lights and/or sound are present in the area and to proceed with caution so you can fully enjoy your evening!

Zoo Lights MAP 2023

Thank you to our Dream Night Sponsors

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