Bring the Heart of Africa

to the Heart of Topeka

Camp Cowabunga

Do you want to join our pack and support Camp Cowabunga? We still have $480,000 to raise and need your help! Through this unique campaign, a new donation of $100.00 or more provides you with a free Alpha Supporter shirt. Designed and printed here in Topeka by Reliant Apparel, you can sport your support in this comfy and stylish tee. With each shirt ordered, supporters will receive an entry into a sweepstakes to meet our Sun Bears, Ho Ho and Cupcake! These exclusive shirts will not be available outside of this offering, so join the pack today!

You can make your donation in the Leopard Spot Gift Shop at the zoo or click here.

There will be two waves of printings. Orders received by June 24th have an expected availability of July 9th. Orders received by July 22nd have an expected availability of August 7th. Only new donations provided through this campaign will receive the exclusive shirt and entry into the sweepstakes. Shipping is provided at an additional expense. We appreciate all the support from our community and can’t wait to share the Camp Cowabunga experience with everyone.

Explore the Animals of Camp Cowabunga

Guinea Fowl

Location: Originate from Guinea Coast

Status: Least Concern

Painted Dog

Location: Scrubland of Sub-Saharan Africa

Status: Critically Endangered

Red Patas Monkey

Location: Open Grasslands of Central Africa

Status: Least Concern


Location: Sub-Saharan Africa

Status: Least Concern


Location: Sub-Saharan Africa , Madagascar

Status: Least Concern


Location: Sub-Saharan Africa

Status: Vulnerable

Dik Dik

Location: Dense forest and plains of Eastern Africa and Southern Africa

Status: Least Concern

Leopard Tortoise

Location: Savannah of Eastern Africa and Southern Africa

Status: Least Concern

We need your help to to finalize a vision. Camp Cowabunga is unlike any other Africa exhibit in any zoo in the world.  This camp will transport guests to Africa through its unique concept that lets guests participate in activities that take place on safaris or at camp while being surrounded by animals from the moment they get to the camp entrance.