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The mission of the Topeka Zoo is to enrich the community through wildlife conservation and education.  The zoo’s Conservation Committee helps to guide the zoo toward that mission of practicing, promoting, and supporting Conservation here at home and around the globe.  That Conservation work takes many forms including hands-on conservation work in the field by zoo staff, funding efforts of organizations saving animals in other parts of the country and other parts of the globe, making our own facilities more green wherever possible, and through the use of our own animal collection to improve conditions for endangered animals in cooperation with other zoo’s and outside agencies.  The zoo also attaches a Conservation message to each of its hundreds of Education programs each year as well as numerous special events at the zoo each year.

At your Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center, we don’t just talk about Conservation, we take action to promote it, practice it, and pursue making it happen.  We don’t just believe in Conservation.  We believe in Conservation in action, and will continue our efforts to find more ways to make your Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center a leading name in the effort to conserve wild places and wild animals here at home and around the globe because as our Vision Statement says, “Every Choice We Make Saves The Planet,” and we will take the necessary actions to live up to that vision!

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