Camp Cowabunga

Join us on our journey to create a safari sojourn in our own backyard. Generations of visitors will enjoy a transformative “travel” experience blending educational, enrichment and entertainment opportunities at Gary Clarke’s Camp Cowabunga.

Camp Cowabunga, surrounded by elephants, wild dogs, hippos, red patas monkeys, lions and giraffes, will engage kids of all ages in imaginative play.

Wildlife habitats and educational exhibits will showcase Africa’s ecological and cultural imprint on the world.

Camp-planVisit Gary Clarke’s tent in Dung Beetle Square and get a feel for life on safari. If you catch him in, he’ll bring the experience full circle with  stories about tracking gorillas and wild dogs or getting splashed by crocodiles while paddling a canoe.

Begin your journey at Dung Beetle Square, a gathering place for socializing and wildlife watching before exploring the Safari Adventure Trail. Here are just a few things you can experience at Camp Cowabunga:

  • Perch in the driver’s seat of a rugged safari Land Rover equipped with everything needed to navigate around warthog burrows and termite mounds.
  • Explore the Amazing Safari Maze, an intricate network of narrow paths winding through tall stands of bamboo and adrenalin grass.
  • Roar like a lion, trumpet like an elephant, yap like a wild dog or laugh like a hyena by shouting in wildlife soundscape buckets.
  • Climb inside a hot air balloon basket or canoe while imagining a trip down the Zambezi River.
  • Climb on a giant bronze ball of elephant poop being rolled by a dung beetle.
  • Test bush skills along the Wildlife Spoor Trail alert for tracks, dung, leftover food and other signs to detect an animal’s presence.
  • Cool off with a safari bucket shower reminiscent of those experienced in a remote Serengeti bush camp.
  • Conclude the outing at Campfire Circle with expedition stories, songs and photographs of family and friends to capture the outing for years to come.

To learn more about this imaginative new way to experience the zoo please visit the Camp Cowabunga website here.