Patas Monkey Cams

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The zoo from your home!

Watch 24-hour live streams from our Tiger, Patas Monkey, and Giraffe Habitats!

Join the Zoo family from your home with 24-hour live stream! The cameras will remain live so you can follow along with some of your favorite friends at Topeka Zoo.

If you are having issues locating a live stream, please visit YouTube directly and search for "topzooktwu" + one of the camera names you are looking for: "Sarge Giraffe Cam; Tiger Cam Outside; Cowabunga Giraffe Cam; PMLive L; PMLive; or Abi Giraffe Cam"


If you have questions about animal behavior or anything you observe during the live stream please contact us at: 785-368-9180 or message us on our Facebook page.

Are you witnessing technical issues?  If so, please e-mail us:

We all know humans do not operate technology and occasionally the monkeys and squirrels that manage our entire technical infrastructure decide to take a break all at the same time.  We thank you for your patience as we gather back the wild animals and iron out any technical snafus during this testing phase.