Pop that cap, fill that glass, and experience the wild flavors of the Topeka Zoo

Your Topeka Zoo invites you to an evening out at our new fundraising event series, Steins and Vines. Grab a beer or a glass of wine, or a snack fresh from local food trucks and sip, stroll and sway the night away with live music and a wild atmosphere! Purchase tickets to one evening or plan to attend the entire event series and collect all of our exclusive event glassware featuring fun illustrations of your favorite Zoo animals! Make a difference by supporting your Topeka Zoo!

Make sure to be part of the fun! 

Tickets will be limited to 600 sold each night to stay within wellness guidelines and to keep Steins and Vines fun for all!



  • June 5 & 19
  • July 9, 24 & 31
  • September 18
  • October 2

Time:  6 - 9 pm

Price:  $50 single night ticket, $25 designated driver, university students get 20% off with promo code: STUDENT

Ages:  21 +

All guests must have proof
of age to enter.

Designated Driver 

As always, please be responsible and bring a designated driver or arrange for appropriate transportation.

What you get!

With each ticket, you will receive 6 drinks of your choice of beer and wine, live entertainment, access to the zoo, and one limited edition glass.

Performers, Breweries, Foodtrucks, and Limited Edition Glass

June 5 - Disco Dick & the Mirrorballs, Blind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant, Bobby's Food Truck, Southern Star Food Truck, and Elephant Glass

June 19 - Switch in Time, Happy Basset Brewing Co, DJs Catering, Behr Paws Southern Oven, and Painted Dog Glass

July 9 - TopCity Comedy Night and musician Jarrod GuthBlind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant, JLG Mexi-Q, Southern Star Food Truck, Poppin Mini's, and Tiger Glass

July 24  - Top City Groove Band, Happy Basset Brewing Co, KB's Smokehouse, Mad Greek Foods, Poppin Squeeze, Say Cheese, and Macaw Glass 

July 31 - Departure, Norsemen Brewing Company, Standard Beverage featuring Shiner Beers, DJs Catering, Flavor Wagon 785, Poppin Mini's, and Otter Glass

September 18 -Time Express TopCity Comedy Night, Iron Rail, Standard Beverage featuring Samuel Adams, Bobby's Food Truck, JLG Mexi-Q, Poppin Squeeze, and Giraffe Glass 

October 2 - Departure, Happy Basset Brewing Co, Standard Beverage featuring Free State Beer, Mad Greek Foods, Emma's Pupusas & Mexican Food, and Tarantula Glass 

Taranchula Glass

Limited edition glasses

One glass design will be released on each night of the series. These glasses are exclusive to the Steins and Vines event night and will not be available for sale, each ticket sold will come with one glass. Want a specific design? Purchase a ticket and join us on that night! Or come to all 7 nights to collect them all!

Continue your collection with the Frankenstein Tarantula glass!

All Seven- Steins and Vines
Steins and Vines - Elephant

June 5th Featured Ambassador

Tembo the African Elephant

Tembo the African elephant joined the Topeka Zoo in 1976 and quickly became a staff and guest favorite. As described by one of her caretakers, Tembo has an immense amount of spunk for a lady in her fifties. She has the most incredible eyelashes and never wants to be left out of the action. Tembo loves pushing around toys and treats, showing off her incredible strength and grace. Tembo participates in her own health care, voluntarily working with her trainers to keep her healthy and fit.

Thank you for supporting Tembo by joining us for Steins and Vines!

June 19th Featured Ambassadors

Ryker, Kellen, and Takoda the African Painted Dogs

The three brothers in our Painted Dog pack came to Topeka in 2018 with the opening of Camp Cowabunga. Born in 2016, each dog has a unique pattern that helps us identify them. This is especially helpful when they are napping, as the brothers love to sprawl all over each other! The boys are super bouncy, fast, and cute as they run around their yard looking for enrichment. Sometimes they remind us of toddlers as they love playing in the mud and smashing fruits and vegetables like bell peppers and oranges. As a critically endangered species, the work we do with Painted Dogs is essential to help wild populations.

Thank you for supporting Ryker, Kellen, and Takoda by joining us for Steins and Vines!

Painted Dog sleeping copy
Tiger_AR_14_1 copy 2

July 9th Featured Ambassadors

Bintang, Badar, Zayana, Jingga, and Sanjiv the Sumatran Tigers

Your Topeka Zoo is home to a family of 5 Sumatran tigers; mom- Jingga, dad- Sanjiv, young males- Bintang, Badar, and young female- Zayana. The young cubs were born here in 2018 and have grown into incredible cats. Like house cats, our tigers enjoy batting objects around and enrichment items with new, novel scents like perfume and cologne. Topeka Zoo supports the conservation of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger in the field as well as through the AZA's Species Survival Plan breeding recommendations.

Thank you for supporting Bintang, Badar, Zayana, Jingga, and Sanjiv by joining us for Steins and Vines!

July 24th Featured Ambassadors

 The Rainforest

Rainforests are so important to the World and are often called the lungs of the planet. The rainforest at the zoo is home to 27 different species that are all unique and important in their own way! The rainforest is at a constant temperature of 70° year around making it a perfect place to visit no matter the day!

Thank you for supporting the Rainforest by joining us for Steins and Vines!

rainforest copy
RiverOtter_15 copy

July 31st Featured Ambassadors

Tony and Albert the North American River Otters

Two of the most vibrant characters at the zoo are Tony and Albert, our North American River Otters. Born on St. Patrick’s Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo, the brothers joined the Topeka Zoo in 2009 with the opening of Kansas Carnivores. This playful duo love swimming, diving, basking on their floating dock, and chasing after live fish as enrichment. Both brothers are excellent painters and are trained to participate in blood pressure checks, vaccinations, and more wellness behaviors. Tony and Albert share a variety of vocalizations, and never shy away from sharing their feelings! If their zookeepers are taking too long, the brothers are quick to scoff and scold, assuring us that their needs are quickly met.

Thank you for supporting Tony and Albert the North American River Otters by joining us for Steins and Vines!

September 18th Featured Ambassadors

Sarge, Abi, Hope, and Liz the Reticulated Giraffe!


Thank you for supporting Sarge, Abi, Hope, and Liz the Reticulated Giraffe by joining us for Steins and Vines!


Your ticket goes to support

Updated Experiences

Updated Experiences

The Topeka Zoo is able to continue to update the zoo experiences through community involvement and fundraisers.

Animal training

Animal training

Along with the implementation of a safe environment, the staff ensures animals are engaged in creative ways through a successful enrichment program. We are recognized as a leader in animal behavior training our successes with voluntary blood draws, ultrasound, blood pressure, scale, and injections for several species.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs

The Topeka Zoo has one of the best education programs in Northeast Kansas, our goal is to develop the next generation into future leaders, environmental advocates, and community stewards to create a sustainable world for people to inhabit and species to thrive.

Medical Care

Medical Care

Topeka Zoo’s number one priority is animal care. From the moment they're born to the specialized geriatric care, we seek to provide the best life possible for the animals that we care for.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Topeka Zoo is a treasure that is made successful by our many partnerships throughout the community.

Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

Our conservation work takes many forms including hands-on conservation work in the field by zoo staff, funding efforts of organizations, making our own facilities greener, and using our animal collection to improve conditions for endangered animals through research in cooperation with other zoos.

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