Accessibility Guide | The Topeka Zoo

Accessibility Guide


We strive to maintain a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment where visitors of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy the benefits of the Topeka Zoo.

This guide addresses many issues about accessibility. However, if you have other needs or questions, please contact us at (785) 368-9180; and request to speak to the guest service manager. We encourage you to call at least one week before your trip for the best possible assistance.

Once on grounds, please feel free to discuss any special needs you have with Zoo employees.

In light of changing needs of our guests and other developments, we reserve the right to modify this guide and our accessibility policies as appropriate.


Regular admission applies to all guests, service animals are not required to purchase ticket.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains accessible to guests are located throughout the facility. Drinking fountains are located near the Kansas Carnivores exhibit, log cabin restroom near the Children’s Zoo, lions pride restroom and inside the Gary K. Clarke Living Classroom.  Fountains located at restrooms are seasonal. Cups of water may also be requested at the Grazer’s Cafe.

First Aid

First Aid boxes are located at admissions, Gary K. Clarke Living Classroom, log cabin restroom near the Children’s Zoo and the lions pride restroom.  The AED is located inside the Animals and Man building.   If at any time you need immediate assistance, please ask any Zoo employee or call 911.

Guests with Limited Mobility

Please keep in mind that Zoo employees are neither trained nor permitted to lift guests. A guest requiring such physical assistance should plan to visit the Zoo with an attendant.


Accessible parking is available in our parking lot on a first-come, first-served basis. A valid disability parking placard or license plate is required. Vehicles parking in marked spaces for disabled access, but without the appropriate placard in view or a disabled access license plate can be ticketed by local or park police. Be sure to display your placard issued by an appropriate government Motor Vehicle agency.


Wheelchairs and other Power-Driven Mobility Devices

The Zoo is widely accessible to guests using both manual and electric wheelchairs. Consistent with federal guidelines, we define “wheelchairs” as devices designed primarily for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. We advise guests using wheelchairs to consult the Zoo’s Map to determine which areas may be challenging.

  • The Topeka Zoo has a limited number of wheel chairs, and motorized chairs available. These are available on a first come first serve basis. (*)
  • The Zoo accommodates the use of some Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs), which are vehicles that are not wheelchairs, but rather are electric devices designed primarily for use by individuals with mobility challenges.
  • In the interest of maintaining a safe and pedestrian friendly environment while at the same time ensuring that everyone has a positive experience at the Zoo, we regulate the operation of mobility devices.

Permitted mobility devices include the following:

  • Electric OPDMDs and other single-seat electric scooters with three or more wheels that cannot exceed more than 6 miles per hour.
  • It is prohibited to operate a mobility device at a speed significantly greater than the flow of the surrounding pedestrian traffic.

Prohibited OPDMDs include the following:

  • Any device that has or should have a registered license plate
  • Any device that has only one wheel
  • Any device that has two tandem wheels (e.g. two-wheeled electric or motorized scooters)
  • Any OPDMD that has been structurally or mechanically altered
  • Any OPDMD that is not listed as acceptable (above)
  • Any gas powered vehicle

(*) Manual wheelchairs and electric scooters (an OPDMD), are available for rent just inside the gift shop inside the zoo. Rentals require a picture ID, to be held at the guest services desk and the age requirement to operate an electric OPDMD is 16 years old.

Rental Prices (subject to change)

  • Manual wheelchairs: $5 per day
  • Electric OPDMD: $20 per day



All the restrooms in the Zoo are accessible.  Each restroom is equipped with a baby changing station. There is an infant nursing stall located in the concessions restroom.


Service Animals

We welcome guests with disabilities that choose to bring their trained service animals into the Zoo. Pets will not be allowed entry. Service animals permitted to the Zoo are dogs. Service animals must remain on a leash or a harness, be under control of its handler at all times, and be house broken. Leash cannot exceed 6 feet in length.

If, at any time your service animal’s behavior is out of control, you will be asked to remove your service animal from the premises. As noted in the Zoo’s Service Animal Policy, the use of service animals may be restricted or limited in certain areas due to the sensitivity of the Zoo’s animal collection.


Animals that are purely used to provide emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship are not “service animals” under the American Disabilities Act and zoo policy and shall not be admitted to the Zoo.


Please read the Zoo’s Service Animal Policy for further information which can be found by clicking here.