Common Questions Regarding Your Membership | The Topeka Zoo

Common Questions Regarding Your Membership

Why do I have to show a photo ID when I use my membership card to enter the Zoo?

To prevent misuse of membership cards, we require the cardholder to present a photo ID when entering the Zoo.  As Friends of the Topeka Zoo is a non-profit partner, we rely on memberships for much of our support.  We also want to protect our members should their cards be lost or stolen.


If I forget to bring my membership card, can I still visit with zoo for free?

Yes.  Simply present your photo ID to the ticket booth and our ticketing representative will verify your membership.


How can I replace a lost/stolen membership card?

If your membership card has been lost or stolen there is a $5.00 fee to order replacement cards.  Please visit with Membership Booth located inside the Leopard Spot Gift Shop and our representatives will be able to assist you.  You may also order replacement cards by calling the Membership Office at 785-368-9161.


Can my babysitter bring my children to the zoo?

Your babysitter may accompany your children IF you have purchased the CAREGIVER option.  This would then allow entry for your babysitter and the number of children listed on your card in the absence of the named adults on the card.  The Caregiver option does not allow additional guests which may be covered by a membership to enter the Zoo with a caregiver.


Can I bring additional guests to the zoo under my membership?

You may ONLY bring the guests listed on your card. In the case of a Family Membership, you are only allowed to bring your own children or grandchildren under your membership.  You must pay for any additional guests or children who are NOT listed as part of your membership (even if they are listed under someone eles’s membership).  If you would like to bring additional guests to the zoo, you may purchase additional tickets or consider a Special Friends Membership which would allow an additional guest each visit.


Is my membership good for a calendar year or a year from date of purchase?

Your Topeka Zoo membership permits unlimited admission to the Topeka Zoo during normal business hours for one year from date of purchase.


May I bring a guest in place of a named cardholder?

All memberships are non-transferrable.  If a named adult is not visiting, no one may come in his/her place.


I paid for admission to the Zoo.  Can I apply the cost towards a membership?

Yes, you can!  All you need to do is show your receipt prior to leaving the day of your zoo visit and we will apply the cost of your admission tickets to a membership purchased that day, up to the number of people that will be covered by the membership level purchased.