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Conservation is a very important topic in our modern world.  Many of us live in large cities, set apart from the natural environments that were once present there, and it is easy to forget just how crucial these environments are to our own survival.  Many key species are under threat, for a variety of reasons, the largest of these threats is human impact on the environment.  Every person has an impact on the world and its ecosystems.  It is our responsibility to protect and conserve those ecosystems, not only for the wildlife and vegetation that lives in those environments, but for ourselves as well.  Conservation may seem difficult, but there are many ways we can help aide conservation from our own homes, with little to no effort!



Recycling is a very important aspect of conservation.  Cardboard, Paper Products, Plastics, and many metals such as Aluminum and Copper can all be recycled!  Recycling regularly is a HUGE way to help conservation from home.  By recycling/reusing these materials, new products don’t need to be made, reducing the need to: cut down more trees, manufacture new plastics, and mine vulnerable areas of the world for more precious metals.  Many cities provide recycling bins along with general trash bins, making recycling accessible and easy to do from almost anywhere.  Smaller, or rural towns will often times provide a city wide recycling station, giving everyone the opportunity to recycle!  Beyond recycling, you can reuse items and containers.  Plastic water bottles can be refilled, food containers such as Tupperware can be used and reused as an alternative to individually packaged food.  Try to avoid purchasing Styrofoam entirely, as it will never decompose, filling our landfills and oceans!