Winter Camp

winter camp 2018

The Topeka Zoo is excited to offer Winter Escape Adventure Camp!

This camp is geared toward children ages 6-12, and registration is on a DAILY basis—so you can sign up for as many days as you’d like. The 2018 dates and themes are listed below.

Wednesday, December 26th: Ice Ice Baby: From polar bear cubs to seal pups, fox kits to whale calves, this camp will melt your heart as we learn about arctic animal babies!

Thursday, December 27th: Frozen Fables: Keep your eyes peeled during this day of camp while we search for wintery fable characters like Jack Frost and the Abominable Snowman!

Friday, December 28th: Journey to the White Continent: Put on your warmest coat for this camp, so you’re ready to travel to Antarctica, study its wildlife, and learn about real-life Antarctic explorers!

Monday, December 31st: Ringing in the Zoo Year: Don’t miss this day of camp, as we ring in the New Year with animals and party like it’s 2019!

Wednesday, January 2nd: Winter Luau: Join us this day and shake off the cold, as we meet tropical animals and end winter camp in style!

Camp runs from 9:00-3:00 and is held in the Gary Clarke Education Room. Each camp day will include a live animal education program, behind-the-scenes tour, crafts, games, and more! There is no stay-late option for winter camp.

The cost is $55/day for FOTZ members and $65/day for non-members. Registration opens on Monday, October 22nd, at 9:00am.

Cancellations:  If you cancel your camp registration 8 or more days before the start date, the Zoo will refund the registration fee, except for $10. This fee is applied per child per day you cancel. The Zoo will not refund any registration fees if cancellation occurs within 7 days of the start date.

Please call 785-368-9137 for more information. You can sign up for one or multiple days of camp at a time; payment required to secure registration.

KDHE Forms

These forms are required to be completed by the morning of the first day of camp (before you drop your child off), otherwise your child cannot attend camp until we have the following paperwork. These are kept on file for an entire calendar year–so you only need to fill them out once per camp year. Thus, if your child attended spring break or summer camp at the zoo in 2017, you do NOT need to refill out these forms.

Health History Form –> Required for ALL children. Immunization records are not required if your child attended school in Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma this year. Immunization records are required if they did not attend public/private school or attended in another state other than KS, MO, or OK. Please note that this form has to be completed in its entirety. We need all names and street addresses where it asks for them (street intersections do not work). If none of the boxes at the top of page 2 are applicable, please write “NA” in each box.

Authorization for Emergency Medical Care –> Required for ALL children. You do not need a notary if you have someone else witness your signature and sign as well. Please note, health insurance information is required at the bottom. If your child does not have any allergies, please write “NA” on that line.

The following two forms are only required for children who bring medication, EpiPens, inhalers, etc to camp. You will only choose one of the following.

Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication –> Please fill this out if you have a child who will be dispensing their own medications while at camp–including medicine, EpiPens, inhalers, etc. This means that camp counselors do not carry around these items and the camper is responsible for dispensing medication to themselves. You do NOT need it signed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

Authorization for Dispensing Medications to Children –> Please fill this out if you have a child who wishes to have camp staff dispense medication to them. This includes having counselors carry around EpiPens, inhalers, medicines, etc and having the staff dispense it as needed.

You may email completed forms to before camp starts or may bring them to the first day of camp your child attends this year. Please contact 785-368-9137 with questions.

Thinking about a membership? If you are signing up for at least camps, a family FOTZ membership pays for itself! Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member or sign up today.

Camp Registration is now open!