Zoobilee 2017

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This year’s Zoobilee will take place on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 FROM 5 TO 10 P.M. and is sure to be an intriguing evening for all! As guests stroll through the zoo they get to enjoy A TROPICAL AFFAIR. There will be grazing stations, watering holes, live entertainment, and more!

While on their journey around the zoo, guests can partake in ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ANIMAL EXPERIENCES, like giraffe feedings and behind-the-scenes tours, LIVE MUSIC to accent the evening, and HAWAIIAN CUISINE. Personal interactions with zookeepers and staff who care for a variety of animals, which call YOUR Topeka Zoo home, are sure to be an enlightening experience as well. Assorted auction tables will be situated in the zoo where guests can bid the night away on one-of-a-kind experiences.

At this year’s event, guests will have a fun tropical expereince, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUR TOPEKA ZOO!  Zoobilee is sure to provide one of the most unique and pleasurable experiences guests could hope for.  Zoobilee is a 21 and over event.