Pokemon Safari Zone

On September 15, we will once again be opening the Zoo grounds from 5:30PM to 8:00PM for a Pokemon Safari Zone fundraiser!  The zoo has over 15 PokeStops that allow you to refill up on pokeballs in just a short walk and there are plenty of pokemon to be found. Lures will be activated throughout the event and oh?… there’s no better place to hatch those eggs! Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. Show your team pride by wearing your team color. Admission to this fundraiser is $3 per person paid at the door or online (2 and under are free). There will also be raffle prizes at 7:30 pm (must be present to win). Come catch ’em all with us!

Please feel free to bring a charger to plug in and recover your phone battery at one of the phone health centers.

Common Q&A
Can you buy advance tickets?
Yes! Click here to buy tickets now!

Do members have to pay $3?
All participants including FOTZ members will be charged $3 for this fundraiser. Funds raised will be used toward zoo enhancements. Members can still catch pokemon for free during our normal open hours from 9am to 5 pm daily the rest of the year!

Will animals be out?
The buildings at the zoo will be locked but some animals may have the choice to stay outside depending on the weather. The first night we hosted this, the giraffe, lions, gazelle, elephants, hippo, and North American animals all chose to stay outside where guests could watch them.

Does the Zoo have WiFi?
The zoo does have WiFi in a few areas, however it is not completely reliable. We are trying to see if we can do anything to fix this problem but cannot guarantee a fix.

A friendly reminder – for your safety participants must stay in public areas at all times.

Disclaimer: we cannot be responsible for any problems with the game, cellular service, or anyone’s personal devices and cannot issue refunds because of any malfunction. This is including but not limited to game servers being down. We recommend checking the game server status before entering the event.

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