Easter Eggstravaganza 2015

Come to your Topeka Zoo on April 4th to watch the animals hunt for their special eggs!

An event schedule will be posted when you enter the zoo so that you know when your favorite “hunts” will be!

There will be 6 hunts before Noon (starting at 9:15 am) for those that would like to get an early start!

easter 2015



9:15 – Otters (paper mache eggs and hard boiled eggs)

9:30 – Mt Lions (painted cantaloupes)

10:15 – Bears (paper mache eggs)

10:30 – Coyote (paper mache eggs)

11:15 – Tigers (painted cantaloupes)

11:45 – Lions (paper mache eggs)

12:00 – Dogs (hard boiled eggs)

12:30 – Orangs (paper mache eggs and hard boiled eggs)

1:00 – Gorilla (paper mache eggs and hard boiled eggs)

1:30 – Giraffe feeding (hanging paper mache egg in yard for them)

2:00 – Porcupine (paper mache egg)

2:05 – Lemurs (paper mache egg)

2:15 – Hippo (painted cantaloupes)

2:45 – Golden Lion Tamarin’s (hard boiled eggs)

3:00 – Elephants (paper mache and painted cantaloupes)

3:15 – Bobcat  (paper mache eggs)

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