Discovery Home School

Discovery School Program

This program is designed to provide an up close and personal encounter with science concepts, vocabulary, and interactions with the zoo. Home school groups are the largest population served, although the program is open to anyone. Discovery School is offered the third Wednesday of each month during the school year from 1:00-3:00pm. The first hour will be an education program with a live animal component and the second hour will be some sort of activity (craft, game, scavenger hunt, etc.).

The cost is $5.00 per child, applying to ages 3+. (You are still responsible for paying admission as well.) These classes are designed to benefit any child–from preschool through high school. Classes will be held in the Gary Clarke Living Classroom.

Pre-registration is not required for these classes.


2016-2017 Yearly Theme: People and Cultures of the World

September 21st: Hawaiians/Polynesians

October 19th: Native Americans

November 16th: Amazon Rainforest Tribes

December 14th (second Wednesday of the month): Australian Aboriginals

January 18th: Arctic Inuits

February 15th: People of the Nile

March 15th: Celts of Europe

April 19th: Mongolians

May 17th: African Maasai


For more information, please contact the Education Department at 785-368-9137 or


Updated 08/16/2016