1 Hour Programs

These interactive 1 hour programs can be held at the zoo or in your classroom!

Programs held at the zoo are $75. Programs at your school/site are $115 within the Topeka city limits. Outside city limits are $115 plus an extra fee for gas (contact Education Department for gas quote).

For more information or to schedule a program call Rachael Rost at (785) 368-9137 or Dennis Dinwiddie at (785) 368-9134.


Bring your group to visit birds of prey up close and personal in the zoo’s spacious classroom. Zoo education staff will present at least three birds of prey from different ecosystems to your group, along with lots of hands-on bio-facts to support the message as we discover what eagles, owls, hawks, falcons and vultures have in common.



Animals that have been misunderstood and disliked for  years are covered here. We’ll use live animals such as spiders, snakes, opossums and vultures to discuss animals that are commonly considered undesirable, and demonstrate that a little new knowledge on animals goes a long way toward making them far more tolerable.



What better way to get to know these slimy, scaly, slithering, and misunderstood creatures than with some hands on experience? Let the zoo use live animals to introduce your group to the world of snakes, alligators, lizards, frogs, and turtles.



What do ivory, fur, coral, and reptile products have in common? In the class, we’ll use live animals and bio-facts to discuss threatened and endangered animals, the causes for animals being threatened or endangered, and what we can do from right here in northeast Kansas to reduce threat to endangered species around the world.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can create a program just for you! Just let us know what your class’s needs are and we’ll build a program to fill them! All programs can be adapted to any age group.