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1 Hour Programs

These interactive 1 hour programs can be held at the zoo or in your classroom!

Programs held at the zoo are $75. Programs at your school/site are $115 within the Topeka city limits. Outside city limits are $115 plus an extra fee for gas (contact Education Department for gas quote).

For more information or to schedule a program call Rachael Rost at (785) 368-9137 or Dennis Dinwiddie at (785) 368-9134.



What makes a mammal a mammal? How about a reptile? A bird? Join us in learning about all the animal groups, their similarities, and their differences while meeting an example from each group.

Or if you prefer a more specific theme, we have programs available to meet your needs. Choose from:

  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Bugs
  • Vertebrates vs Invertebrates
  • Warm-blooded vs Cold-blooded



Are deserts always hot? Are grasslands just grass?  How much rain does a rainforest get? We’ll explore all of these ecosystems, how they formed, and meet some of the animals that call them home.

Looking to explore just one ecosystem? We can do that! We have programs covering:

  • Rainforests
  • Wetlands
  • Grasslands
  • Deserts
  • Woodlands



Do all babies look like their parents? How do animals protect their young? We’ll show you how the offspring of different types of animals grow up, and what role, if any, their parents play in their survival.



Do all mammals have fur? Are animals with scales slimy? If some birds don’t fly, why do they have feathers? This class will explore body coverings of all different animals, from bugs to mammals, and from amphibians to birds and reptiles. We’ll show you why, when it comes to animals, what’s on the outside is extremely important.



What does a tarantula feel like? Are snakes slimy? How soft is fur? We’ve put together a group of animals perfect for little hands to touch. This 1-hour program is perfect for younger children, but can be adapted to any age group.



What do ivory, fur, coral, and reptile products have in common? In this class, we’ll use live animals and bio-facts to discuss threatened and endangered     animals, the causes for their status, and what we can do from right here in northeast Kansas to reduce the threat to endangered species around the world.



Animals that have been misunderstood and disliked for  years are covered here. We’ll use live animals such as spiders, snakes, opossums and vultures to discuss animals that are commonly considered undesirable, and demonstrate that a little new knowledge on animals goes a long way toward making them far more tolerable.



Are bats really blind? Can porcupines really shoot their quills at you? Are owls wise? Find out as we debunk animal myths while diving into the science behind the stories and meet some of the most interesting and misunderstood animals in the animal kingdom along the way.



Bring your group to visit birds of prey up close and personal in the zoo’s spacious classroom. Zoo education staff will present at least three birds of prey from different ecosystems to your group, along with lots of hands-on bio-facts to support the message as we discover what owls, hawks, and vultures have in common.



Tracks and Scat– Animals leave a trace. Learn  how to read these traces and see what you’ve been missing!

Nocturnal Animals – Scared of the dark? Don’t be! We’ll teach you all about what comes out at night and ease your fears.

Life Cycles -Animals go through many stages. From birth to death we’ll explore them all.

Invasive Species – What do honeysuckle, Asian carp, and house cats have in common? Find out as we learn about the impact a new species can have on an ecosystem.

Food Chains & Food Webs – What happens when the chain breaks and the web unravels? We’ll find out!

Home on the Range – From state symbols to backyard visitors, we’ll meet some local friends that also call Kansas home.

Plants –  Have you thanked a plant today? From the air we breath to the food we eat, we’ll show you why they deserve our gratitude!


Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can create a program just for you! Just let us know what your class’s needs are and we’ll build a program to fill them! All programs can be adapted to any age group.