Think Globally, Act Locally

EcoClub provides a opportunity for students and teens who are interested in the environment to meet and share ideas and interests on how to positively impact the planet. We will meet live animals, talk conservation, and develop projects to help our community and our world!

General Information:

Time: 5:15-6:15pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

Location: Gary Clarke Education Center, enter through the staff parking

Cost: $75/child for entire school year (Cost includes a t-shirt)*

Age: Grades 5-12

Contact Information: 785-368-9137 or

Format: From September-December 2016, students will plan a conservation project of their choice that they can do individually, in pairs, or in a small group, and we will then have January-July 2017 to implement their projects. Thus, the schedule for each student for January-July is completely dependent on their project choice. Some examples of projects might be creating a garden, starting a recycling/conservation campaign in their school, making a conservation video, participating in a citizen science project, fundraising for a conservation cause of their choice, creating a conservation display, etc. The students will get to choose the project and the zoo will help facilitate the logistics of it.

With that being said, EcoClub will still plan on meeting on Tuesdays twice a month from January-July. One of these monthly meetings will be as a whole group and the other of these monthly meetings will be with each individual/pair/small group to work specifically with them on their project. Therefore, dates for January-July will be updated once we have a better idea of what projects the students choose to do in the fall.  Considering the students get to choose their project, they also get to choose their timeline. (So, if you have a family vacation planned in the summer, perhaps they could choose something to do in the spring.)

*Furthermore, depending on the depth of their project, parents may have to chip in a little bit extra money as the process goes. However, we do have free options available for projects they can do that will not require any additional funds. Cost just completely depends on what they decide to do and can be discussed further on an individual basis.

EcoClub will also have 3 extra optional trips during the year that the students and their families can participate in. We are thinking of doing one in the fall, spring, and summer. They may be something like scheduling a float trip on a Saturday in the summer or a beach cleanup on a Saturday during the spring. The zoo will not be hosting these events nor will we be paying for them, but our education staff will be there so it will be a great time to come together as a club for other fun, conservation-oriented activities. Information on the fall trip will be updated soon.

The dates for the September-April EcoClub meetings have been set. They are as follows:

–          September 13

–          September 27 (This meeting will be a monarch butterfly class at the Kansas Museum of History)

–          October 11

–          October 25

–          November 8

–          November 22

–          December 6 (Note 1st Tuesday in December)

–          December 13

–           January 10

–           January 24

–           February 14

–           February 28

–           March 14

–           March 28

–           April 11

–           April 22* Earth Day at the Zoo

–           April 25


Parents do not need to stay for the meetings, as you can simply drop your child off at 5:15 and pick them up at 6:15. Please R.S.V.P. before attending. You may join at any time during the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Education Department with any questions!

Updated 01/06/2017