Citizen Science

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is where members of the public get involved in helping scientists collect research data. This research benefits plants and animals on a local, national, and international scale, as increased knowledge of a species allows conservationists to know if/where they need to focus their efforts. This is a great activity for kids and families, as little training is needed to join in these campaigns.

Monarch Butterfly Citizen Science at Zoo

Here at the Topeka Zoo, we are involved in monarch butterfly citizen science through the campaign Monarch Watch. Due to the popularity and success of our first events in Fall 2015 we will offer even more classes for 2016. Last year, 272 community members helped us catch, tag, and release 175 butterflies!

If you are interested in joining our monarch citizen science events, be sure to check back in the fall. We have an exciting partnership with the Kansas History Museum, who hosts these events. The annual fall migration of these butterflies is around September 15th, so we will be offering numerous education classes and tagging opportunities during that time. To learn more about Monarch Watch and the work they do, follow this link:


Other Citizen Science Campaigns

The following list includes some other hands-on citizen science campaigns that you can become involved in:


For questions about citizen science or the zoo’s monarch events, please contact the Conservation and Education Department at 785-368-9137 or

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