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Camp Cowabunga Progress

Construction on Camp Cowabunga is underway! When completed, Camp Cowabunga will transport visitors into a rugged safari camp based on the safari experiences of Topeka Zoo Director Emeritus, Gary K. Clarke.

Camp Cowabunga is taking shape! If you have driven down Gage Boulevard recently you may have noticed the progress being made. The footings and support beams for the first Red Patas Monkey habitat are in place. The viewing windows in the back will be located in the Arusha Tent. The artificial rock work in the background is now complete. The massive rock work separates the lion habitat from the painted dog habitat and provides a den for the dogs with a viewing window into the den from the Manyara Tent. The Samburu Tent features an impressive view into the lion habitat through a large window. Heated rocks have been constructed on the lions’ side of the window for their comfort on cool days. There is so much more to come!

This progress is very exciting but we still need more funding. This is where you can help! Camp Cowabunga was estimated to be a $3.5M project. Bids came in substantially higher than our estimates for this very specialized, technical and involved feat. While we exceeded our original fundraising goal of $3.5M, Camp Cowabunga is now a $4.4M project. We still have $560,893 to raise. Want to to help the project by donating? Click here

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Safari Tent Walls Going Up  Inside View From Gary’s Tent
Lion Viewing (Construction Vs. Rendering) Demoing the area