Camp Cowabunga Progress

Construction on Camp Cowabunga is underway! When completed, Camp Cowabunga will transport visitors into a rugged safari camp based on the safari experiences of Topeka Zoo Director Emeritus, Gary K. Clarke.

We broke ground on July 6, 2017 at 10:00am. Since then, the demolition crew has been busy preparing the area for construction. It already looks VERY different. The Genesis sculpture (lion) has been moved to be protected and will be placed back in the area when nearing completion. The Kopje rock that was once a great view of the lion yard is now gone and most of the area is almost unrecognizable. We’re excited to see what is next in the process! Follow us here for updates throughout.

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 Ground Breaking  Relocating Genesis
 Removing Kopje Rock (lion viewing) Demoing the area